How To Lose Weight Walking

How to Lose Weight Walking

How to Lose Weight WalkingIn a recent blog post Walking for Weight Loss I went into how to lose weight walking by altering your daily routine. Such as using the system Click Here! But here I will go into the walking for leisure and exercise in a bit more detail.

Why do you want to know how to lose weight walking? The answer is pretty straightforwards. If you are on a diet you are already on the road to achieving the sort of weight loss and look that you want. Adding some exercise into the mix will help you shed those pounds that bit faster and will help tone up your muscles giving a more attractive appearance. If you are not on a controlled diet then just exercise alone will not help.

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I love walking but I am lucky to live in a very beautiful area. There are walks more or lesson the level or more strenuous efforts to the top of England’s highest mountains (all walkable) with any number of variations in between. What you do depends on your own level  of fitness but most of us will be able to find something to suit our lifestyle.

Walking Equipment


If you are walking seriously, then on the level a good pair of trainers will do very well. Most low level walks are easily manageable with those. It need not cost a fortune.

If you are looking to do something more adventurous then proper walking boots are a must. Good grippy soles and ankle support is essential for hill/ mountain walking. (I am talking about walking here not climbing). Get specialist advice if necessary. There is a huge range of footwear to choose from and again it need not cost a fortune.

Good socks to avoid chafing and blisters can make a big difference to personal comfort.


This of course varies with the climate in your part of the world and how far you intend going. In my area I usually carry a waterproof jacket. Even when the sun is out it is something to sit down on!

Building up clothing in layers is a good idea. You can then add or remove them as needed to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

The clothing is best in some kind of wicking material which will remove any moisture and allow it to evaporate. Materials such as cotton which absorb sweat are not a good idea. Denim is particularly poor, especially if wet from external water such as rain.

Walking Poles

These are a particular favourite of mine. They allow you to take some of the load on your arms (some say up to 35%), help you with balance on trickier terrain and reduce the shock factor on the knees on steeper descents. Because the arms get to do more work then it becomes more of a whole body exercise.

Food and Water

This again depends on how long you plan on being out, but in this article I am assuming you will be doing some serious longer distances. A water bottle is essential, you do not want to be dehydrated. For food choose a healthy snack with enough carbohydrate to keep your blood sugar up there is lots of advice about to cover this and I will be going into options in another article.

How Much How Often?

If you are not used to the exercise then you will want to start out fairly gently. This is all supposed to be fun. They do say no pain no gain but for most of the walking I do the pain is usually just a pleasant feeling of steady exercise.

Build up the time and distance you do to push yourself a little each time you go out. Varying height and gradient is good if you can do it. Different muscles get a chance to do more.

Also varying speed will allow the body to do more or less work. The odd bit of speed walking is great aerobic exercise.

Finally if  how to lose weight while walking is the question then it is all wasted effort if you forget your diet routine. For the diet that I really suggest would supplement any exercise routine then why not have a look at My Favourite Diet Review or go to their website by clicking here. For more walking tips and progressing onto running advice then you should Click Here!

How to Lose Weight Walking

How to Lose Weight Walking

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